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Weird is good.
This site is for Boulderites (to remind them about some of the things that can make Boulder special),
for people who know Boulder (to confirm why they shake their head every time someone mentions Boulder),
and for people who don't know Boulder (to give them a false impression that Boulder is really this weird).
Most of these "Only in Boulder" items are from . Thanks!
World Naked Bike Ride
World Naked Bike Ride
Image: Rob "sponsorgroup"
  • Ride your bike around town, wearing as little as you wish
  • Make a statement about Oil and Cars
  • A Saturday, mid June, 4:00 PM, Community Gardens.
  • WBRN site
  • WBRN egroup
  • Update: Boulder has made it against the law to show genitals, which has pretty much shut down the event.
Naked Pumpkin Run
Naked Pumpkin Run
  • Run downtown, wearing just a carved pumpkin on your head
  • Entertain the late night Halloween crowd on the DownTown Mall
  • Halloween night, ~10:00 PM (?).
  • Naked Pumpkin Run site
Thursday Cruzers
Thursday Cruzers
Image: Rob "sponsorgroup"
Image: KBCO radio
  • Build the most imaginative conveyance
  • Ride it through a course of land, water and mud
  • May, Boulder Reservoir.
  • Dropped by its former sponsor, KBCO
  • Restarted in 2008 by a new group:
4/20 celebrations
Image: "bentanderic"
  • Smoke a joint with (near) impunity
  • Make a statement about legalizing pot
  • Every April 20th, 4:20 PM, Farrand Field, CU campus.
  • Campus Press article
Frozen Dead Guy Days
Frozen Dead Guy
Image: Nederland Chamber of Commerce
  • Bredo Morstoel's body is kept under ice in a shed in Nederland
  • Join Nederland residents in a day of wackiness to celebrate they most famous "resident"
  • OK, this one is not in Boulder City, but it is in Boulder County
  • 2nd week in March, Nederland CO.
  • Frozen Dead Guy Days' page
Eat Your Words
Eat Your Words
Image: Book Arts League
Polar Bear Club
Polar Bear Club
Image: Karen Morgan
  • Jump into a frozen reservoir
  • Celebrate the new year
  • Every Jan 1st, noon, Boulder Reservoir.
Exotica Erotica Ball
Exotica Erotica Ball
Image: BMoCA
  • Party in a most erotic, artsy environment
  • Support BMOCA, the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Arts
  • Saturday before Halloween, Boulder theater.
  • Exotica Erotica Ball's site
St. Patrick Parade
Eat Your Words
Image: Conor O'Neill's
  • Claims to be "The world's shortest St. Patrick Parade". Not true: the shortest one is in Blue Spring, MO. Ref.
  • St. Patrick's day, in front of Conor O'Neill's restaurant
  • From the traditional to the wacky
  • Picture gallery
Outdoor Cinema
Outdoor Cinema
Image: Boulder Outdoor Cinema/
  • Silly old movies, trivia, shorts, UFO's and a sense of community under the night sky
  • Summer weekend nights, behind the Museum of Contemporary Arts.
  • Outdoor Cinema's site
Big Wheel Rally
Big Wheel Rally
Image: Matt Armbruster
  • Big people on little vehicles with big wheels
  • End of August, at the Walrus, at 11th & Walnut.
  • Big Wheel Rally's site
The shootout
The Shootout logo
Image: ?
Banjo Billy's Bus
Banjo Billy's Bus
Image: ?
  • Banjo Billy's Bus Tour gives a 90 minute history tour of Boulder Colorado from an old school bus tricked out to look like a traveling hillbilly shack.
  • Banjo Billy's Bus Tour
Baby on car
Baby on car
click to enlarge. Image: Sydney Hope
  • For his birthday, Davide drove around with a "baby" in a baby seat, "forgotten" on top pf my car
  • Lots of people, especially parents, thought it wasn't funny, not at all!
  • The cops were notified, and the Daily Camera reported on it. It was picked-up by the wire services, and distributed to other papers.
Halloween lights
Halloween lights
Image: Alek Komarnitsky
  • Alek had a lot of people convinced they were turning the lights on and off on his Halloween display through his website
  • In reality, they were just switching between two images, one with the lights on, one with the lights off
  • The following year, people really could control the lights, but by now they didn't believe him
  • Halloween lights prank site
The bottle collector
Bottle collector

  • Real name: ???.
  • Walks around town, finding bottles, breaking them "to free their spirit" bags them and leaves them on the side of the road.
ZIP-code man
ZIPCode man
Image: Andrew Sigal
  • Real name: David Rosdeitcher.
  • Has memorized most US zipcodes and many international ones.
  • Does a show on the Mall during which he tells people where they're from.
  • ZIP-Code Man's site
Dog poop mapper
Patrick Murphy
Image: ?
The Embattled Professor™
Ward Churchill

Image: ?
  • Real name: Ward Churchill.
  • The man Real Americans™ love to hate
  • Tenured CU professor in the Ethnic Studies department
  • Wrote an essay after 9/11 that was long on insights and short on tact
  • Brought once more the National spotlight onto Boulder
  • Wikipedia article
  • Ward Churchill's site at CU
JonBenet Ramsey

Image: ?
Stan Brakhage
Stan Brakhage

Image: ?
  • Experimental filmmaker of mostly inaccessible work
  • Loved by people who thrive in loving what no one else can possibly "get"
  • Ironically, was nearly blind at the height of his work (just as Beethoven was nearly deaf)
  • Last years of his life devoted to scratching 35 mm film stock or painting directly on it
  • Wikipedia article
Joel Haertling
Joel Haertling

Image: ?
  • Always uniquely dressed, with a wide cloak, thick black frame glasses, and an odd-looking suit
  • Experimental filmmaker (worked with Stan Brakhage) and musician ("Architect's Office")
  • Uses multiple super-8 projectors to show loops of vintage film on unusual surfaces
  • Bio
Jann Scott
Jann Scott

Image: Jann Scott
'Shop: Monk?
  • Pirate Radio station
  • Broadcasts from a van, constantly a step ahead of the FCC
  • 95.3 FM
  • wikipedia article
Boulder Atheists
Boulder Atherists poster
  • In a town in which all sorts of spiritual practices are the norm, the atheists are the weird ones
  • Boulder Atheists site
  • An irreverent, Boulder-centric site and blog
  • There's stuff on Pat Murphy, traffic circles, a Boulderian dictionary and more
Prairie Dogs
Prairie Dog
Image: KGNU Boulder
Thanks to the Boulder Bookstore for the name "Keep Boulder Weird".
Thanks to the City of Austin, TX for the original concept of "Keep Austin Weird".
Thanks to Reuters for sending me visitors.
Contact: about more people, events and things that Keep Boulder Weird.
(Sorry, I had to change address because an internet nooby by the name of Seth Brigham exposed it to spammers.)
Dedicated to the Aurora,CO girl who in 1976 told me "You're weird!".
I was new to English, so I asked her to explain the meaning of "weird".
Then I thanked her for what I understood to be a compliment.

Coming-up (by reader suggestion):
Fruitcake toss, Ukelele Loki, Pasha Cowan (the "Rocky Mountain Madam"), Lynn Segal, Pesticide Mary, Dark Cloud, Jan Scott, Ibashi, George Peters, Evan Ravitz, Stacey Malcom.

Crocs, AstroTurf car, Volvo full of toys, Buddism, hermaphroditic fish, Banjo Billy's Bus
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